December 16, 2000 Meeting Highlights


Ward brought alone some Arcadia 2001 rares and his breadboard used to play ROM dumps.
Keith from GameSpy, Cav from Classic Gamer Magazine, and Christopher sittin' around the warmth of an Ultra Pong and reminiscing.
Ahhhhh... trade fodder... a cornerstone of any collector meet. From Atari Stunt Cycles to Fairchilds to Super Famicom carts and EPROM burners. Freebies were also available.
William from and Geoff challenge each other to a game of Joyboard Combat as Robert observes.
A shrine to Atari: what every classic gaming fan needs!
Geoff and William enjoy a game of Demon Attack played from a multicart on the O2.
Mitch showed off the 7800, modified by his brother and himself, that can download ROMs from a PC.
Robert and Jeff shake it up at a game of Samba de Amigo on the Dreamcast. The stuff below the table are peripherals for the PS2 Drum Mania and Guitar Mania Japanese games. Above on the table is a 5200 with a multicart in the slot. The green bit behind the 5200 is a Bounty Bob Strikes Back cart, the only game not on the multicart. The Wooden Pac-Man on the Atari Video Music is a unique craft item, and wasn't mass-produced.
Jeff and Jon enjoy a game of Quadrapong on a Tele-Games Motocross.