SC3 at Classic Gaming Expo 2001

Despite a late start, and some planning chaos, the party was fun. Another's a certainty for CGE 2002. Honorary SC3 member Joe Grand (who's responsible for most of the party pics BTW, thanks Joe!) brought his home-brewed 2600 game, SCSIcide, for trade and play; Tim Snider brought a copy of Venture 2, his hack of 2600 Venture, and we had a grand time! We were also able to reunite with our NWCGE fellows, who brought some new faces for us to enjoy. (They kept them in a box. really creepy...)

You can't crash a party if we're expecting you, but the Expo planners still gave it their best. This year their fellow attendees included Susan McBride, one of the designers of Crystal Castles. But luckily we had enough beer.


Lovely Lum shows where Rob and Geoff V. had to go through to get to Las Vegas: Death "110° F at 9 AM" Valley. the view was nice, however...
Rob V. gives a cautionary tale about Mother's Frosted Animal Cookies and the heat. THIS IS NOT doctored, folks!
Pac-Man...Sushi... If you come from So-Cal, Sushi's a staple.
Tim Snider wears his TRS-80 pride.
Geoff V. tries out SCSIcide.
Joe Santulli and John Hardie also play SCSIcide.
Susan McBride (graphics designer of Crystal Castles) takes a turn.
SC3 CGE Flyer
Party Aftermath: Rob V. shows the advantages of a C-pap machine!
That huddled heap is none other than Chris "Intvman" Neiman; post-Friday night party. Pity him...