October 7, 2006 Meeting Highlights

October 2006 marked the triumphant return of SC3 after a long hiatus. Somehow we got our act back together and managed to put on what was, at that time, the largest event ever in our history! This event saw the debut of SC3 in Claremont, the first of many custom videogame cakes, and the first time we had arcade coin-ops on hand. We haven't looked back since!


Jason F. chats with Rob W. of Coin-op.TV and other attendees about the good 'ol days
More arcade games arrive thanks to Jason F. of Atari Galaxies
Wall of consoles
More console goodness
Guests laugh along with Rob W. during a spicy game of Rock, Paper, Scissors on the Saturn
Arcade games are a hit!
Jason F. and Mitch S. prepare to trade
Pac & Ms. Pac-Man cakes